Wonderball Fun House – The perfect playhouse for kids

Wonderball Fun House is Step2’s unique playhouse for kids who loves to play ball games, thanks to the fun house’s unique construction system, providing your kids with some ball activities at home with their friends is now more fun.

This fun house allows kids to toss balls right onto the house’s roof, it even allows them to follow the balls as they fell down its see-through columns and mazes for a more engaging ball activities.

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Wonderball Fun House

This wonderball fun house even includes a flipper accessory designed to help kids fling the balls into the house chutes and tubes while its integrated ball storage will allow your kids store its included 30 balls when their done playing.

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This Fun House also features a Dutch door and other fun accessories to play with including mail slot, pot and even frying pan to keep other kids busy every time and best of all, it only measures 36x33x42 inches in length, width and height. Perfect for kids ages 18 months old and above.

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