The Aspiring Astronaut’s Space Shuttle Play Set – A complete inflatable Space Shuttle with wearable gear for young space explorer

The Aspiring Astronauts Space Shuttle Play Set

The Aspiring Astronaut’s Space Shuttle Play Set [SOURCE] is an inflatable space shuttle for kids complete with wearable gear so wannabe astronaut can have their first launch right at their very own imaginary space room mission.

This space shuttle play set for kids is uniquely crafted so young astronaut can realistically experience its unique control panel complete with printed buttons, gauges, lights and more to help them interact in all kinds of intergalactic activities while they explore nearby planets.

The Aspiring Astronaut's Space Shuttle Play Set

The Aspiring Astronaut’s Space Shuttle Play Set

The Space Shuttle Playset even includes a viewing port where kids can easily see the earth from space plus its included QR codes built right on the space craft’s nose will allow aspiring astronaut to easily play videos of actual outer space scenes.

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The Aspiring Astronaut’s Space Shuttle Play Set also includes a shoulder worn space pack to supply to included squirter with some water perfect for young explorer get rid of any annoying aliens roaming around while its included astronaut helmet complete with flip-up visor will surely make your kids feel the complete outfit of a space adventurer scene or better yet, let your kids use it as their favorite pool device for some role playing pool adventure.

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The Space Shoot-Out Inflatable Shooting Game – Your kids perfect floating shooting carnival game

The Inflatable Water Shooting Float

The Space Shoot-Out Inflatable Shooting Game [SOURCE] is perfect for providing kids some floating carnival game simply because it allows them to compete in displacing plastic balls using squirt cannons, first to eject the balls right from the sturdy cylinder wins the game.

The Space Shoot-Out Inflatable Shooting Game

The Space Shoot-Out Inflatable Shooting Game

If you love our Inflatable Giant Rubber Duckie then this inflatable Space Shoot-out toy is your next option because uses sturdy yet flexible cannon that extends nicely below the bottom of the float straight to the pool so it can constantly supper the cannon water needed to target the cylinder that is built into the float’s alien themed backboard.

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The Inflatable Water Shooting Float 1

The inflatable space shoot-out float already includes all six green and yellow balls that should be displaced by aiming into the cylinder with maximum frequency in order to win the game and because this inflatable is very easy to inflate using air pumps, kids ages 8 years old and above will simply love playing the floating carnival game right at their own pool.

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The Giant Rubber Duckie – An 8 feet tall inflatable rubber duckie that imparts irresistible whimsy to one’s pooltime fun

The Giant Rubber Duckie

The Giant Rubber Duckie [SOURCE] is an 8 feet tall rubber duckie inflatable perfect for imparting fun time right at your kids favorite pool, beach or even at their own favorite backyard, thanks to rubber duckie’s uniquely designed construction partnered with eye catching yellow color, celebrating any kind of party at home with your kids guest is now more fun and entertaining.

The Giant Rubber Duckie

The Giant Rubber Duckie

This giant rubber duckie is very sturdy because it uses thick PVC capable of withstanding bumps and jostles of fun pooltime, it even allows your kids to squeeze the duckie’s beak, do some head pats and more.

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The Giant Rubber Duckie 1

This inflatable rubber duckie inflates easily using electric air pump just perfect for providing kids with some fun waterplay and because this duckie floats in fresh or saltwater or even use it as your kids base in playing game of alligator tag or as a listening partner for a lonely child.

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Giant Inflatable Beach Ball – Have fun swimming, beach walking and volleyball playing this summer

Giant Inflatable Beach Ball

Up for some swimming this summer? Sure, how about some fun time playing your favorite volleyball game? Check this Giant Inflatable Beach Ball [VIDEO], now you can make full use of your beach trip this summer simply by swimming, beach walking, collecting shells and even playing your favorite volleyball using this giant beach ball. What?

Giant Inflatable Beach Ball

Giant Inflatable Beach Ball

If you are the type of person who are not allergic to sunshine then the inflatable beach ball is for you where you can have fun rolling, throwing and even mowing away annoying kids.

This inflatable beach ball is perfect for kids ages 6 and above and requires air pump (not included) for filling hot air into its huge 10 foot and 14 pounds diameter ball. Huge right!

What are you waiting for, start rolling the inflatable beach ball now into the water and start enjoying some summertime activities.

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The Floating Obstacle Course – the perfect inflatable floating raceway this summer

The Floating Obstacle Course

Looking for some water fun and adventure this summer? Try the Floating Obstacle Course, an inflatable floating raceway capable of handling up to 60 contestants at a time to have some water obstacle adventure, thanks to its huge and at the same time sturdy construction, navigating around and doing some obstacle matches is now more fun and breathtaking.

The Floating Obstacle Course

The Floating Obstacle Course

Whether you love pit jumping, descending or climbing obstacle race, this inflatable floating obstacle course is simply the best when it comes to providing fun and exciting summer time, you can even decide if climbing beams is perfect for the course than crawling through different arches.

This floating raceway is made of heavy duty and durable materials, while its UV protected and hot-air welded seams will ensure years of fun and dependable play. Each inflatable sections can easily be connected using a heavy duty stainless steel and nylon strap fittings and requires anchoring for more fun and safer racing water adventure.

The Floating Obstacle Course already comes with an electric pump, inflates in 2 hours and deflates in just a matter of 30 minutes.

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Little Tikes Bumper Wheel – a Fun Roller that promotes active play

Little Tikes Bumper Wheel Fun Roller

Little Tikes Bumper Wheel Fun Roller

Little Tikes Bumper Wheel Fun Roller is designed to help kids have an active play every time simply because it is packed with colorful and see thru design so kids will be entertained thru bumping and rolling.

This inflatable fun roller is very easy to inflate and has an approximate size of 4 feet in diameter. This bumper wheel fun roller also features a soft and safe construction and is great for promoting hand and eye coordination.

This bumper roller requires adult assembly and must be supervised by parents for additional safety, so whenever your kids want to keep the good time rolling, try Bumper Wheel by Little Tikes.

-$39.70 at amazon

Jump Truck Moon Bounce House – Keeps Kids Active and Bouncy

Jump Truck Moon Bounce House

Ideal for kids ages 4 to 6 years of age, the Jump Truck Moon Bounce House is a colorful inflatable bouncing truck perfect for keeping kids busy and active simply by sliding and bouncing around right at their very own room.

Jump Truck Moon Bounce House

Jump Truck Moon Bounce House

This Jump Truck Moon Bounce House is designed to burn your kids extra energy simply by letting them to jump and slide around its uniquely designed ball pit located at the truck’s engine and at the back of the truck’s bed.

Jump Truck Moon Bounce House comes with an electric blower for inflating and depleting the bouncing house easily. What are you waiting for, start blowing the truck house now, just don’t forget to include some balls though because it is not included in the package.

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-$420.00 at amazon

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The Ten Person Water Totter – The Perfect Water Tumbler for the Entire Family

The Ten Person Water Totter

The Ten Person Water TotterGive your family the perfect water adventure they want this summer with this cool Ten Person Water Totter. With water totter, kids and even adults will love to rock up and down safely and reliably, simply find the spot you want, grab the handle and start rocking the totter up to 10 feet above the water surface and watch the others splash down the other side. What an adventure!

You want more? How about turning this water totter into a fun 6 feet tall double-sided water slide? Cool eh, you don’t just enjoy the rocking thing but also have fun sliding into the water eh.

The Ten Person Water Totter is made with unique polyester fabric, the same fabric used by the Navy Seal’s inflatable boats that means, you can be sure that every corner is sealed and treated to block those damaging ultraviolet rays. Just don’t forget to have at least 8feet of water before you start anchoring this rocker and of course it all comes with the necessary tools to keep the entire family going.

-$4,000.00 at hammacher

The Floating Planet – An Inflatable Water Fun Ride Ideal For The Entire Family


The Floating Planet is an inflatable water rough and tumble fun ride ideal for the entire family. It features a long-lasting 30-gauge PVC with protective nylon screens so it can survive even to the hardest bumpings, jumpings and twistings. The Floating Planet can hold of up to 400 lbs. perfect for kids and adults who loves to develop their physical and coordination skills while having fun spinning and bumping around.

– $499.95 at hammacher

The Six Foot Walk On Water Ball – Now You Can Bump And Bounce On The Water


The Six Foot Walk On Water Ball is a giant inflatable sphere ideal for anyone who loves to have a bump and bounce play on the water or simply race with an opponent for a more thrilling fun and adventure. The Six Foot Walk On Water Ball comes with 2 entrance and exit doors and a rope and tie-down grommets for docking the ball securely.

[$299.95 at hammacher]

Thomas The Tank Engine Paddling Pool – Ideal For Kids Who Wants To Improve Their Imagination


With Thomas The Tank Engine Paddling Pool, your kids can develop physical strength and coordination while playing and splashing right into their favorite character Thomas The Tank. Thomas The Tank Engine Paddling Pool features a uniquely designed pool with canopy sun shade and is ideal for kids who wants to use their imaginations.

– £30.00 at elc

Bounce Zone – Helps Kids Develop Self Confidence And Strength


Bounce Zone helps kids develop self confidence and strength because it comes with a uniquely designed look which makes kids enjoy at the same time feel secure every time they bounce and play. Bounce Zone can handle up to 3 kids at the same time and is perfect for ages 2 years and up.

– £45.00 at elc