Great Outdoors Playhouse – Your kids perfect outdoor educational hangout

This is the Playhouse for kids uniquely built in order to provide enough room for some playing children who loves to have fun playing outdoor games of course with their very own play house.

With this great outdoor playhouse, kids will surely love crawling right through its working door, it even allows them to play water game with its included working water pump complete with paddle wheel and bucket.

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Great Outdoors Playhouse

Great Outdoors Playhouse

You want to teach them how to plan real flowers? Sure, because this playhouse even includes a planting station complete with flower boxes and drain holes so planting flowers interactively with other kids will surely add some fun time.

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Great Outdoors Playhouse 1

Great Outdoors Playhouse even includes a working grill complete with play foods and different play tools and working grill knobs so clicking and turning the grill knob on will allow them to start cooking their favorite play snacks and best of all, it only measures 37.5×70.5×54 inches in length, width and height perfect for kids ages 18mos old and above.

This educational outdoor playhouse from step2 is only $268.95.

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