Gather and Grille Playhouse – kids will surely have some serious sizzling fun time

This is the Playhouse that kids will surely have some serious sizzling fun time. Thanks to Gather and Grille Playhouse’s grilling and hanging with friends area, keeping little hands busy and at the same time having fun with new friends is now possible at home.

This playhouse set even includes an outdoor patio partnered with bench for 2 so after grilling their favorite food, chatting and at the same time enjoying their favorite cooked food will not be a problem.

Gather and Grille Playhouse

Gather and Grille Playhouse

The integrated kitchen and sink on this playhouse on the other hand will allow your kids to clean before they go, an effective technique in teaching them how to clean stuff after using, it even comes with an electronic doorbell so those who wants to enter the playhouse to join the fun will have the option to notify who’s inside.

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Gather and Grille Playhouse 1

Gather and Grille Playhouse already comes with 5-piece accessory set and only measures 51.5x72x59 inches in width, diameter and height and is perfect for kids ages 18mos old and above.

The Price of the playhouse is $$595.14 Free Shipping.

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