Natural Willow Play House – Kids will find this whimsical and magical house absolutely enchanting

Natural Willow Play House is your kids perfect magical and whimsical house specially if they love to have some dramatic play with their friends after school.

This willow house is perfect for providing kids with some hideaway for them to have some quite reading place to read their favorite book stories or even provide them with an outdoor learning place after school.

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Natural Willow Play House

Natural Willow Play House

Designed to be used for indoor or outdoor activities, this play house has willow branches that are hand woven around sturdy steel frames partnered with rubber caps and unique liners just to cover the inside walls.

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Natural Willow Play House 1

This natural willow playhouse is very light and is very easy to assemble and move, just perfect for giving your kids a wonderful place to learn and best of all, it only measures 63×62 inches in length and height perfect for kids ages 3 years old and above.

The Price of this play house is $764.98.

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