The Little Tikes Playhouse – a classic toy house redesigned for today’s modern kids

Looking for a classic playhouse for your kids that you can give this Christmas? Give them the Little Tikes Playhouse, a classic toy house redesigned uniquely so kids will enjoy all the included features right at the comfort of their very own play area of course with their friends.

This playhouse already comes with 12 different accessories, a turtle sandbox and a classic toy car just perfect for mom, dad and kids who wants to roam around their neighborhood.

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Little Tikes Playhouse

Little Tikes Playhouse

This playhouse is unique because it has an open design on all of the house sides so kids can easily access all the house features including its working porch lights, doorbell, toilet and a lot more.

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Little Tikes Playhouse 1

The Little Tikes Playhouse even includes a kitchen set, a trampoline and slide and even a room with bathtub so kids ages 3 years old and above can enjoy some interactive family fun time and best of all, it only measures 23x18x15 inches in length, width and diameter and only weighs 7.5lbs.

You can buy the playhouse for only $79.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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