Blackbeard’s Playhouse – Your kids uniquely designed pirate ship playhouse

Blackbeard’s Playhouse [SOURCE] is a uniquely designed pirate playhouse for kids constructed using marine grade mahogany partnered with cedar posts to make it more attractive just like the original pirate warship of captain Blackbeard.

This 13.5 feet tall pirate vessel is equipped with all the necessary tools so young pirates will have fun sailing with other young scalawags to loot the Spanish backyard.

Blackbeard's Playhouse

Blackbeard’s Playhouse

This pirate playhouse already includes a captain’s quarters partnered with golden-hued skulls, hand-painted battle scar finish, lower and upper deck where pirates of the Caribbean will have all the necessary tools to have fun even for storing valuables and even have fun charting future courses.

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Blackbeard’s Playhouse even features 3 mounted cannons capable of playing realistic sound effects while the main deck’s platform will allow wannabe pirates to have some fencing action plus it even includes a crow’s nest towers complete with red and white striped sails and flag and best of all, the nicely constructed wooden bridge connects the ship to a nice slide so kids can easily abandon ship.

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