The Only Outdoor Six Player Foosball Game – Your kids 2 3-players outdoor foosball table

The Only Outdoor Six Player Foosball Game [SOURCE] is not just unique when it comes to battling for table footie domination but at the same time allows young foosball players to enjoy blocking, striking or even passing accurately to make a perfect score.

This foosball game table allows up to 2 3-player teams against each other, thanks to the table’s easy to fiberglass control rods partnered with vinyl grips capable of providing the players an awesome passing skills or even those perfect strike every time.


The Only Outdoor Six Player Foosball Game

Perfect for outdoor use, this foosball table is very sturdy because it is made with sealed beechwood panels so you don’t have to worry about UV and Moisture plus it even comes with raised corner ramps to keep the balls in-play.

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The Only Outdoor Six Player Foosball Game table is also equipped with 31.5 inches aluminum legs to assure players of the sturdiness of the table and best of all, its included slider score keeping right above each goal box will make sure points earned will always be tallied even during the most enthusiastic competition.

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