The Log Cabin Tree Lodge – A uniquely designed tree house for kids

You want to develop your kids creative thinking? Here’s a tree-house uniquely made play area complete with tunnel slide, swing and working windows so kids can explore different activities and creative play.

Introducing the Log Cabin Tree Lodge, a creatively designed tree house lodge comes complete with its very own hollowed-out tree where the tree house lodge sits atop.

The Log Cabin Tree Lodge

The Log Cabin Tree Lodge

This log cabin tree lodge uses a real cedar shingle roof and douglas fir log exterior decorated with unique elements to give playful kids some inimitable place to explore. This tree-house uses a sturdy 12 inches thick poles in redwood partnered with 5 feet in diameter trunk and a nicely covered porch that secures the lodge’s entrance door.

The Log Cabin Tree Lodge is designed to endure tough weather and energetic play for years while its included ladder located inside the trunk allows kids to climb different floors easily.

Read [HERE] for conditions and guarantee limitations or visit [THIS PAGE] for other photos of the tree lodge.

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