Clubhouse Climber Playhouse – a complete off the ground playhouse for kids

Clubhouse Climber Playhouse [PRODUCT PAGE] is a full packed off the ground playhouse for kids capable of providing energetic fun time such as sliding, hiding, seeking and climbing.

This playhouse is so fun and entertaining, thanks to its colorful design and other unique features including crawling through tunnel area and lovely sturdy bridge that direct kids to look outside while its dual windows and steering wheels will simply add some extra activities.

Clubhouse Climber Playhouse

Clubhouse Climber Playhouse

If your kids also love to climb into ladders, the Clubhouse Climber Playhouse sure-grip rails will simply assist them plus they can even slide down if they want to exit the clubhouse.

This complete off the ground playhouse is just perfect if you are seeking for additional active afternoon for your kids this summer time.


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