The Motorized Dirt Digger – A ride-on motorized backhoe that enables a child to dig sand and dirt just like the real thing

The Motorized Dirt Digger [SOURCE] is not just unique when it comes to digging sand and dirt but at the same time unique because it allows your child to operate its fully functioning bucket arm just like those real backhoe thing out there.

This ride-on motorized backhoe already includes 3 unique handles capable of providing realistic backhoe arm movements like up and down, in or out and even side to side rotation just enough to allow young engineers to dig and scoop up dirt and sand.

The Motorized Dirt Digger

The Motorized Dirt Digger

This motorized backhoe is powered by 12v battery partnered with digger’s electric motor to provide enough speed for its different gears and even to its reverse operation plus it even comes with 5 different sound effects to make it more exciting to use from starting the engine, beeping, reversing and a lot more.

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The Motorized Dirt Digger 1

The Motorized Dirt Digger also features a dashboard complete with lighting effect, headlight that illuminates nicely, a detachable cab roof, hard hat and more. Perfect for kids ages 3 years old and above and can support riders up to 66lbs. Weighs only 54lbs.

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