The Robot Creation Kit – A building block kit that enables a child to assemble and program a robot

The Robot Creation Kit [SOURCE] is not just an award winning creation kit for assembling a robot but at the same time the best building block for programming a robot.

Thanks to its interlocking blocks that snaps easily together in order to form your kids own creation or from its pre-designed models.

The Robot Creation Kit

The Robot Creation Kit

This kit uses 5 robotic servos enough to give life-like movements to your robot creation, it even comes with an infrared sensor so it can detect and even pick up objects easily plus it also includes a free application designed to work with any iOS or Android apps to teach young engineers how to code and program the robot’s actions including the robot’s ability to express emotions.

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The Robot Creation Kit 1

The Robot Creation Kit can be easily connected to a device using Bluetooth and is powered by a li-ion battery. AC adapter included and is perfect for kids ages 8 years old and above.

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