The Robotic Animal Creation Kit – Enables a child to create their own or form using its 6 pre-defined models

The Robotic Animal Creation Kit [SOURCE] is not just unique when it comes to assembling a robotic animal but at the same time unique because it also allows a child to program its movements and controlling the robotic animal using any bluetooth devices.

This building block kit already includes up to 650 interlocking pieces that can be easily snap together so kids can form different robotic animal models, it even allows them to create their own robot animal.

The Robotic Animal Creation Kit

The Robotic Animal Creation Kit

Its 16 robotic servos allows the robotic animal to perform different life-like movements and because it already includes a free application, teaching kids how to code the robotic animal’s action is now possible and more interactive and entertaining.

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The Robotic Animal Creation Kit 1

The Robotic Animal Creation Kit even allows your kids to connect their animal creation to their favorite devices using Bluetooth so they can easily control them even at 32 feet range and best of all, it is powered by li-ion battery and can be recharge using its included adapter.

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