The Junior Ninja’s 50′ Obstacle Course – Allows kids to emulate ninja athletes as seen on TVs

The Junior Ninja’s 50′ Obstacle Course [VIDEO] teaches kids how to train like a Ninja simply by hanging the ninja line between trees and they’re good to go.

Designed for versatility. Simply arrange the included obstacles in any possible position you want plus to make it more interesting and challenging, you can even space obstacles farther apart for a more daring yet safe and fun challenge just like like those pro ninja athletes you’ve been seeing on TVs.

The Junior Ninja's 50' Obstacle Course

The Junior Ninja’s 50′ Obstacle Course

Very easy to install, just strung the included 2 inches wide nylon ninja line off the ground between 2 healthy trees, hung the included 7 obstacles anywhere right from its 50 feet length steel carabiners and you’re done.

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Perfect for building core and body strength, confidence and coordination while at the same time have fun playing outdoor active play with your friends and family members.

The Junior Ninja’s 50′ Obstacle Course also includes 3 rope rigs, 2 monkey bars, spinning wheel, climbing rope and gymnastic rings and best of all, it can support of up to 250lbs.

Watch the Ninjaline in action [HERE].