The Play Anywhere Table Tennis Set – lets you play table tennis on any flat surface

The Play Anywhere Table Tennis Set (currently taking orders here) is your kids perfect game set this summer simply because it will allow them to play their favorite tennis game any time anywhere.

Perfect for quick matches on almost any flat surface, this play table tennis can be set up easily on a coffee table or even on a kitchen island, thanks also to its included 6 feet long net, clamping it on a surface will not be a problem.

Play Anywhere Table Tennis Set

This table tennis set, besides its easy to set up feature, it can also be easily disassemble so owners can store them in a drawer without any problem.

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Play Anywhere Table Tennis Set1

The Play Anywhere Table Tennis Set already comes with 2 wooden paddles, 3 plastic balls and best of all, it already comes with a mesh storage bag so you can bring it anywhere you go.

You can buy the table tennis set for only $39.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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