The 70′ Range Water Tag Battle Blasters – A water tag set that allows 2 kids to target each other with soaking water

The 70′ Range Water Tag Battle Blasters [SOURCE] is not just unique when it comes to spraying water at 70 feet long but also the perfect water tag set for kids to play and target each other just like their favorite laser tag game.

This water tag set already comes with 2 water launcher capable of pumping wide streams, simply pump and shoot, the longer you pump, the longer it provides maximum range of sniping while the shorter the player pumps, the closer it burst up water.

The 70' Range Water Tag Battle Blasters

The 70′ Range Water Tag Battle Blasters

The included score-keeping vest on the other hand allows player to target each other even if they’re not looking at the target because it keeps a record of a perfect shot, thanks to the vest’s integrated gauge, telling which player suffered the most hits adds more fun and exciting afternoon for kids ages 8 years old and above.

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The 70′ Range Water Tag Battle Blaster already includes a blaster capable of holding up to 30oz. of water and can be refilled easily using a spigot or under a faucet while its easy to adjust straps will definitely accommodate most sizes.

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