The Fish Catching RC Boat – A remote control boat that can catch up to 2lb. Fish

The Fish Catching RC Boat [VIDEO] is equipped with all the necessary tools like hook, bobber, snap swivel and more so kids ages 8 years old and above will enjoy moving the boat in any direction but at the same time have fun catching hungry fish.

This remote control boat is capable of catching up a 2lb. fish and is powered using a powerful engine capable of moving from left to right, forward and backward to enable the owner to troll back and forth right over a speculative patch of water.

The Fish Catching RC Boat

The Fish Catching RC Boat

The included slip bobber signals a bite, forward movement sets the hook and once back near shore plus it even includes a 44 inches long telescoping grapple designed to fetch the boat right from the water together with your kid’s catch.

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The Fish Catching RC Boat also includes 2 fishing tackle rigs, 3 additional bobbers and a 30 feet of line.

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