The Gumball Awarding Pinball Machine – dispenses gumballs as prizes when you hit a bonus bumper

The Gumball Awarding Pinball Machine —[VIDEO]— is not just perfect for kids who loves to play pinball but at the same time their favorite machine for dispensing gumballs because this machine will provide them with a perfect treat if they hit a special bonus bumper.

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This tabletop pinball machine is very easy to use and fun to play with because it operates just like your kids favorite standard pinball machine.

The Gumball Awarding Pinball Machine

Gumball Awarding Pinball Machine

Equipped with 4 flippers capable of sending a stainless steel ball straight to a bumpers, rolling down the ramps and hopefully earn them with points that are then displayed on the machine’s included digital scoreboard.

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The Gumball Awarding Pinball Machine 1

The Gumball Awarding Pinball Machine already comes with a working lights and sounds just like those full sized Pinball Arcade Machines out there and best of all, it already comes with gumballs so kids can start enjoying the game while having their favorite gumballs. Perfect for kids ages 4 years old and above and only weighs 3 3/4lbs.

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