The Transforming Battlebots – This pair of remote controlled race cars transforms into battling robots perfectly

Looking for the perfect race car for your kids? Give them the Transforming Battlebots —[VIDEO]—, a remote controlled race car that automatically transforms into a battling robot simply by pressing a button.

This pair of race car elevates its hood and front tires perfectly off the ground to bring out its humanoid robot built into its undercarriage.

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The Transforming Battlebots

The Transforming Battlebots

Its included remote control on the other hand can control the race cars even at 50 feet away, enough to send racing fanatics into racing and fighting mode, it even has an illuminated chest plate to allow fighters to see their opponents clearly.

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The Transforming Battlebots 1

The Transforming Battlebots is perfect for kids ages 8 years old and above who loves to play race game and battling against robots and of course, robots to score 3 hits will definitely rule. Just don’t forget to charge the remote and robots using its included charger to enjoy racing and battling against other robots. Weighs only 4lbs.

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