The Handheld Galaxian Arcade – brings the excitement of the popular intergalactic video game into the palm of your hand

You want to be unique when it comes to playing your favorite Galaxian arcade game? Get one of this Handheld Galaxian Arcade —[SOURCE]—, a small yet very popular arcade machine that brings the fun of the most favorite intergalactic video game straight to your kid’s palm.

This micro Galaxian arcade stands only 7 inches tall and has a 2 3/4in screen display yet allows young arcade fanatics to navigate the ship of course using its included joystick, it even allows them to accurately shoot and blast down attacking aliens with a fire button.

The Handheld Galaxian Arcade

The Handheld Galaxian Arcade

This mini Galaxian arcade has an artwork inspired by the original arcade cabinet, it even comes with an integrated speaker complete with volume control so you can hear and even stream those retro sound effects without any problem.

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The Handheld Galaxian Arcade 1

The Handheld Galaxian Arcade also includes a headphone jack so you can use your favorite headphones without bothering someone and best of all, it only requires 4 double-a batteries or usb cables to start enjoying. Perfect for kids ages 14 years old and above and only weighs 15oz.

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