The Virtual Pinball Arcade – A space-saving arcade and virtual pinball game that can be mounted on a wall or played on a table top

The Virtual Pinball Arcade >>>[SOURCE]<<< is unique simply because it allows your kids to play their favorite virtual pinball game on their favorite table top or save extra space simply by mounting it on their favorite wall spot to start enjoying the game.

This space saving arcade is equipped with almost 70 pre installed virtual pinball games like Star Wars, Aliens, Iron Man, Guardians of the Galaxy and a lot more each of course with its own unique 3D environments.

The Virtual Pinball Arcade

The Virtual Pinball Arcade

This arcade already includes an animated characters, flippers, ramps, bumpers, 24 inches LED playing field enough to reliably recreate the trademarks of a classic pinball cabinet of course with an extra features like high definition 1080p resolution screen for a more fun and exciting arcade gaming experience every time.

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The Virtual Pinball Arcade 1

The Virtual Pinball Arcade even allows your kids to download different retro arcade games online without additional costs and best of all, it already includes an adjustable joystick, 13 buttons just like arcade-style play and feel design and a 3 inches stereo speakers with woofer to reproduce those authentic sounds of a real arcade gaming style. Weighs 58lbs.

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