The Saddleless Cycle – helping tone one’s quads, calves, hamstrings, and glutes while pedaling

The Saddleless Cycle <<<[SOURCE]>>> is a uniquely designed tricycle where it allows young riders to stand up in order to pedal the tricycle, perfect if you want your kids to tone their glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves while enjoying the ride.

This saddle less tricycle is capable of producing the perfect riding experience just like running of course with more stimulating experience as compared to riding an ordinary bike, thanks to its open-frame design, toning muscles and at the same time experiencing an exhilarating riding experience at the same time is now possible.

The Saddleless Cycle

The Saddleless Cycle

This tricycle is equipped with 3-gear system that allows young riders to easily climb and travel moderately or at a maximum speed of 13mph enough to provide drivers the fun and adventure they are looking for in riding a cycle.

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The Saddleless Cycle 1

The Saddleless Cycle allows rider to maneuver simply by shifting their body weights while its easy to use linear-pull handbrake will allow them to safely stop anytime and best of all, it already includes a sturdy rubber tires, durable frame, beech plywood handlebar for that easy to fold and compact storage function you’ve been looking for in a kids bicycle.

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