The Children’s Whirlybird – Your Kids Exciting Spin-Ride


Perfect for kids who love some exciting spinning, the Children’s Whirlybird allows 2 children to push and pull a handle located right in the center pole so they can enjoy spin thrilling right in their own backyards. The Children’s Whirlybird uses strong steel structure and comes with a padded feet bars and an egg-shaped PVC seat with safety harness.

[temporarily out of stock at amazon and hammacher]

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3 thoughts on “The Children’s Whirlybird – Your Kids Exciting Spin-Ride

  1. I have been looking for a whirlie bird merry go round for my grand children for a few years. I finally found it but I clicked on it to order and it did nothing.

  2. Hi, we have a Whirley Bird, and one of the seats broke. Is there a way to get a replacement seat? Thanks, Don.

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