The Seated Backyard Zipline Kit – Allows young zip liners to glide through the air comfortably right at their very own backyard

You want to keep your kids busy this summer? Give them the Seated Backyard Zipline Kit [VIDEO], an exclusive Hammacher backyard zipline kit that already includes a built-in seat so kids can drive down through the air while keeping the kids close to the ground.

The Seated Backyard Zipline Kit

The Seated Backyard Zipline Kit

This seated backyard zipline kit is capable of supporting zipliners up to 250lbs and is perfect for kids ages 8 years old and above, it even comes with an adjustable height function for the rope length and seat height to accommodate all your kids height plus its included padded handles and comfortable seat design will simply allow young zip liners to enjoy zip lining at lower heights without worrying about stress on their arms.

The Seated Backyard Zipline Kit 2

This backyard zip line kit has a galvanized steel cable that is very easy to wrap around 2 trees in an inclined position so kids can easily zip from end to end, it even comes with a bungee braking system for that easy stop every time.

The seated backyard zipline also features a steel trolley with sealed ball bearings designed to provide young explorer with fast yet secure zip ride plus it already includes everything you need including an easy to follow manual that guides you on how to mount the zip line easily.

Watch the Seated Backyard Zipline in action [HERE].

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