The Dual Pendulum Seesaw – Smoother and gentler as compared with other teeter-totter seesaws

The Dual Pendulum Seesaw is designed to provide kids with some exciting and nerve-racking yet smoother and gentler fun ride as compared to other teeter-totter seesaws out there simply because besides its uniqueness when it comes to rocking and lifting kids up and down the air, this seesaw also allows not just kids but also with their parents to ride together, thanks to the pendulum seesaw’s unique construction system, playing outdoor fun right at your kids backyard is now possible.

The Dual Pendulum Seesaw

The Dual Pendulum Seesaw

This Dual Pendulum Seesaw is made with sturdy frame and is designed to work for years plus it even comes with all the necessary accessories such as rubber bumpers, soft foam seats to enjoy the swinging fun time without worrying about hard landings and bumpings.

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Other unique features for this dual pendulum seesaw includes built-in cables and lock pins to secure riders just perfect for that unsupervised play.

This pendulum seesaw is designed for kids ages 3 and above and can support weights of up to 400lbs.

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