The Tractor Lover’s Engine Repair Set – Allows children to practice 12 different engine repairs

The Tractor Lover’s Engine Repair Set [SOURCE] allows young mechanics out there to do some engine maintenance to their favorite tractor, things like popping up the hood, doing some routine check of the engine and a lot more, thanks to the tractor’s removable components, kids can now practice repairing their favorite tractor right at their very own machine shop.

The Tractor Lover's Engine Repair Set

The Tractor Lover’s Engine Repair Set

This front half tractor already includes 12 different repair practice like changing wheels, checking disc brake, changing air filters or even checking for oil levels are just some awesome jobs that every kids will love to do and once they are done repairing, it even allows them to test the engine simply by turning on the ignition key.

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The Tractor Lover's Engine Repair Set 1

Complete with real engine sounds, this tractor even features a working headlights and horns and all the tools needed so kids can start greasing their hands and start working on their favorite past time and that is repairing engines.

Wanna try? Check [THIS PAGE] for other important features.

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