The Arcade Mini Roadster Simulator – A single-player arcade game that pitches and rolls as drivers zoom the roadster around a simulated racecourse

You want to give your kids some entertaining and breathtaking racing experience? Give them the Arcade Mini Roadster Simulator [SOURCE], a single player mini roadster simulator arcade game capable of pitching and rolling as young racers zoom around racecourse.

The Arcade Mini Roadster Simulator

The Arcade Mini Roadster Simulator

This single player arcade game is more fun than computer arcade games simply because the roadster chassis sways as your kids lean into turns and of course it gently bucks specially when hitting rough terrains.

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The Arcade Mini Roadster Simulator 1

The mini roadster simulator is very easy to operate, simply allow your kids to press the foot pedal in order to accelerate and start turning the steering wheel to roam around the course plus it even comes with an LCD screen built into the roadster so kids can easily monitor their score, speed and elapsed time.

Besides its unique style and looks, this roadster even features a sturdy fiberglass body, a lighted dashboard packed with gauges and more and best of all, it also comes with a fully working head and tail lights, rearview mirrors, chrome wheel covers and a dual exhaust pipes.

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