Kids Backyard Zipline – Allows kids to swoop through the air while remaining close to the ground

Looking for a perfect zipline for your kids? Give them the Kids Backyard Zipline [SOURCE], a sturdy backyard zipline kit designed for kids who loves to swoop thru the air, thanks to the zipline’s built-in sturdy seat where zipliners can easily slide through the air while remaining close to the ground.

Kids Backyard Zipline 1

Kids Backyard Zipline

Kids Backyard Zipline is fun to ride with plus it even lessens the stress on your kids arms, thanks to the zipline’s galvanized steel cable that can easily setup around the trees at an incline position so kids can easily and comfortably zip from end to end.

Kids Backyard Zipline

This backyard zipline already includes pulley with a unique bungee braking system designed to allow zipliners to easily slow down or stop at any time plus it even allows kids to swoop up to 90 feet just like those zipline found at your kids favorite adventure camps.

Kids Backyard Zipline has steel trolley packed with sealed ball bearings perfect for that fast yet safe ride as kids glide across the cable while the included padded handles will enable riders some comfortable grip every time.

This zipline kit already includes an adjustable rope length and seat height perfect for accommodating kids of all heights while the included mounting hardware and instruction manual allows the owner to easily setup the zipliner any time.

Watch the kids backyard zipline in action [HERE].

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