The Sleigh Wagon – the snow-conquering sleigh that converts to a sand-friendly wagon

The Sleigh Wagon is unique when it comes to conquering snow covered walkways or even those unplowed roads and walkways, thanks to its 4 convertible ski runners, owners can now pull passengers without any problem.

This wagon is also sand friendly so owners can also use it when the weather is already warm, simply remove the skis and change it with its included 8inch diameter wheels for that summertime roaming any time.

Sleigh Wagon

The Sleigh Wagon

This snow and sand conquering sleigh has a wood deck capable of accommodating riders or cargo up to 300lbs, ideal for that comfortable all season pulling of riders or cargo anytime anywhere.

Sleigh Wagon1

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The Sleigh Wagon also features a detachable wooden sides, folding handle and tip resistant chassis just perfect for kids ages 3 years old and above or for easy storage function anytime anywhere and best of all, it only measures 33×17.5×16 inches in length, width and diameter. Weighs only 26lbs.

You can buy the sand, road and snow wagon for only $129.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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