The Voice Controlled Robodog – obeys his owner’s voice commands without requiring any training

The Voice Controlled Robodog is a uniquely designed robotic puppy capable of following all your kids voice commands because it is equipped with smart technology so every voice command from their owner can be obeyed without requiring the kids any training.

This touch sensitive robotic dog is very affectionate and is eager to please everybody with his play dead, roll over, sit and even raising of legs when ordered.

Voice Controlled Robodog

The Voice Controlled Robodog

Thanks to the smart puppy’s included application for Android and iOS device, feeding and nurturing the robotic puppy and even taking him for a walk or dance to music will not be a problem, it can even play his own track because it is also equipped with a built-in Bluetooth speaker.

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The Voice Controlled Robodog1

The Voice Controlled Robodog is also unique because when you scratch or pat his chin or back, the smart puppy can react by wagging his tail, panting, barking and even show expressive LED eyes and best of all, it falls asleep after minutes of idleness and even wakes up when kids starts patting his head gently.

You can buy the touch-sensitive robotic smart dog for only $99.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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