The Sit Down Skiboard – Perfect for shedding, carving and even racing down hills

This Sit Down Skiboard is unique because it allows the owner to shred, carve and even race down the hills smoothly and of course quickly, thanks to the skiboard’s unique aerodynamic frame capable of adjusting to riders of all ages.

This sit down skiboard is made with polyethylene high density frame capable of supporting riders even up to 200lbs.

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Sit Down Skiboard

Sit Down Skiboard

Because this skiboard has uni-ski, providing a perfect and optimal contact with snow or even powder will not be a problem, it even comes with an adjustable seat height so it can handle even adult riders.

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Sit Down Skiboard 1

This Skiboard is very easy to use, simply lean on the skiboard to start steering and use the legs for easy braking and best of all, it can support riders up to 200lbs. Measures only 29x18x93/4 inches in length, width and height.

You can buy the skiboard for only $199.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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