The Ride And Repair Sports Car – the ride on that allows aspiring mechanics to change tires, refuel and even tinker with its engine

The Ride And Repair Sports Car is your kids perfect ride on this holiday season simply because it allows them to safely travel around at speed of up to 1 1/4mph while at the same time provide them with the opportunity not just to tinker with its engine but also to teach them how to refuel and even change tires.

Perfect for kids who wants to be an expert mechanics some day, this unique ride on sports car allows kids to steer forwards, backwards and even left and right easily without any problem, thanks to this battery powered sports car complete with a working dashboard where different lights illuminates specially when it is time to do some maintenance work.

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Ride And Repair Sports Car

Ride And Repair Sports Car

Besides changing tires, refueling and even engine bolts tightening, this ride on sports car also allows young drivers to clean its windshield, another cool activity to keep them busy all the time, this sports car even allows them to start remotely using its included remote control.

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Ride And Repair Sports Car 1

The Ride And Repair Sports Car already comes with all the necessary tools like wrench, nuts and bolts, screwdriver and even a gas nozzle so kids can start right away with the thing they love most and best of all, it can provide of up to 1 straight hour of fun driving around when it is fully charged using its included AC adapter. Weighs only 17lbs and only measures 37x23x18.5 inches in length, width and height.

You can buy the ride on sports car for only $199.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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