The Ride On Robotic Armor – A ride-on that allows a child to become a robot

The Ride On Robotic Armor [SOURCE] is perfect for kids who wants to become a robot, thanks to its uniquely designed construction system, wannabe cyborgs simply step right into the robotic armor’s platform, put on the robot mask and start controlling the armor.

This ride on robot already includes an easy to use joysticks so kids can easily move the armor in any direction perfect for patrolling and guarding human neighborhood.

The Ride On Robotic Armor

The Ride On Robotic Armor

This robotic armor supports kids up to 65lbs and propels them at speed of 1mph. Its included 5-button remote control will enable parents to take control of the robotic armor simply by gearing them forward and backward, left to right or even providing an emergency break.

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The Ride On Robotic Armor 1

The Ride On Robotic Armor also features a working lights, sound effects, songs and even decals for adding unique details. Perfect for kids ages 3 and above. Plugs into AC, measures at 39x31x23 inches in height, width and diameter and only measures 29lbs.

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Read the rest of the features [HERE].


  1. I but two from Montgomery Ward ,but they did not come with a remote and when I called they told me that they were not included and they do not sell them separately can someone please help me find two remotes I paid a nice penny for these and I would like to give them as gifts to my son and nephew for Christmas thank you

  2. Yes and I have seen this model with a remote control and the manuel even mentions it. Just has no contact information. Do you have manufacter information?

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