The Glow In The Dark Mini Golf Course – An easy to setup mini golf set with five holes of obstacles

You want to play golf game with your family at home? Now you can with the Glow In The Dark Mini Golf Course, a complete golf set that can be easily setup yet allows you and your family to enjoy five holes of obstacles right at your very own mini golf course.

This mini golf set already comes with felt mat that is wrinkle-resistant partnered with a raised border to keep uncontrolled shots from leaving the playing area but instead enjoy the possibility of bouncing and rolling straight towards the holes.

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Glow In The Dark Mini Golf Course

Glow In The Dark Mini Golf Course

This glow in the dark golf set even comes with a small back light where owners can position it from any corner of the border just to give golfers the perfect illumination needed in order to clearly see the different obstacles of the golf course.

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Glow In The Dark Mini Golf Course 1

The Glow In The Dark Mini Golf Course already comes with a spiralled ramp, bump, zig-zag obstacles and even a windmill to add some interesting challenge of golf gaming setup and best of all, it also includes 2 LED balls, putters and a storage bag so you can bring it anywhere you go for some quick golf game adventure with your friends this holiday season.

You can buy the mini golf set for only $159.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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