The RC Palmcopter – Your kids remote control helicopter capable of landing in the palm of one’s hand

The RC Palmcopter [SOURCE] is not just unique when it comes to flying even to the narrowest air spaces but at the same time it is also capable of landing right into the palm of the user.

This indoor helicopter is equipped with micro rotors that are less than 3.5 diameter partnered with an integrated gyroscopic stabilizers so that kids can flight around stairwells, chandeliers and even to the most difficult missions without any problem.

The RC Palmcopter

The RC Palmcopter

Perfect for novice or even pro pilots out there, this remote control helicopter even features a horizontal tail rotor that works perfectly with its 2 contra-rotating main rotors designed to keep the copter in perfect balanced specially when flying backward, forward, up or down or even side to side while its included infrared remote provides an interference free flying every time.

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The RC Palmcopter is constructed using an aluminum body designed to withstand even turbulent landings and best of all, it already includes a USB cable, rechargeable battery and 4 double-a batteries to give your kids fun time right out of the box.

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