The Personalized Wooden Race Car Set – A wooden car carrier capable of deploying six race cars

The Personalized Wooden Race Car Set is capable of carrying up to 6 race cars where kids can easily deploy them anywhere they want to have some fun time playing with their favorite racing cars.

This double-deck trailer is unique because it can carry 3 cars at each deck, showcasing their different body styles and decals.

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Personalized Wooden Race Car Set

The Personalized Wooden Race Car Set

The top deck on the other hand can be swing down straight to the ground level so little hands can start deploying each car for some motor skill development.

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Personalized Wooden Race Car Set 1

It even allows young racers to detach the trailer from the truck to allow them to come up with their own creative fun time at home with their friends and family and best of all, it only measures 18x7x3.5 inches in length, height and width and only weighs 3.5lbs just perfect for kids ages 3 up to 7 years old.

You can buy the wooden car carrier for only $39.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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