The 15 MPH Electric Riding Scooter – provide a comfortable and relaxing ride up to 15mph

Perfect for kids ages 13 years old and above, this 15 MPH Electric Riding Scooter is very comfortable and relaxing to ride, thanks to its unique footrests partnered with cushioned seat, roaming around your kids own backyard is now more fun and exciting.

This electric scooter is equipped with 350watt motor enough to provide riders some fun cruising along different pavements or even climbing slopes, thanks to its sturdy rubber tires designed to grip effectively while its included disc brakes that can be controlled right at the scooter’s handlebar will allow your kids to confidently turn and stop without any problem.

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Electric Riding Scooter

This electric riding scooter even comes with an LCD display designed to provide riders their mileage, power and even speed information while its included horn will keep pedestrians at their proper place.

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Electric Riding Scooter 1

The 15 MPH Electric Riding Scooter’s rechargeable battery can provide power of up to 18miles specially when fully charged via its included AC adapter and best of all, it has a handlebar that can be fold down for easy storage. Weighs only 34lbs.

You can buy the electric scooter for only $699.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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