Kids Car Race Set – The perfect Formula GT slot-car set for kids

Kids Car Race Set —[SOURCE]— is not just capable of challenging your kid’s racing skills but at the same time unique because it already includes everything your kids need to enjoy banking their favorite racing car at home with their friends.

This Formula GT slot-car set is equipped with 28 feet track complete with molded high-banked curves, chicane and even a 4-way crossing just enough to mimic those pro racers out there racing against world’s most popular racers.

Kids Car Race Set

Kids Car Race Set

This slot car racing set already includes 2 nicely detailed Ferrari GT2 cars that uses a specially made double-contact brush capable of providing secure connection to the track perfect for that consistent maneuvering control specially during a race.

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Kids Car Race Set 1

Kids Car Race Set also includes a handheld remote control for each RC car and has turbo button capable of providing instant power specially on straightaways and best of all, its included automatic lap counter will allow young racers ages 8 years old and above will enjoy racing time and again. Setup area requires atleast 8.5×5 feet.

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