The Pac-Man Cocktail Arcade Table – Now you can enjoy the most popular video game of all time at home

You want to have your very own arcade table where you can play the most popular arcade game of the 80s? Get the Pac-Man Cocktail Arcade Table, a uniquely designed arcade console capable of providing owners the same head to head gameplay at home complete with realistic graphics and sounds of the most popular video game of all time.

Enjoy navigating the maze, start picking up those power pellets, bonus fruits and even try to outmaneuver Pac-Man’s opponents like Clyde, Blink, Plinky and Inky with this cool arcade table.

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Pac-Man Cocktail Arcade Table

Pac-Man Cocktail Arcade Table

Thanks to the table’s 17 LCD screen partnered with authentic joystick control, Pac-Man fanatics will surely love every action including changing directions specially when the ghost are closing in.

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Pac-Man Cocktail Arcade Table 1

The Pac-Man Cocktail Arcade Table also includes Pac-Mania, Super Pac-Man, Pac & Pal, Galaga and more already built into the arcade table for you to enjoy with your friends and family and best of all, it only weighs 65lbs.

You can buy the arcade table for only $499.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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