The Pocket Pac-Man Game – play the most popular video game with this handheld Pac-Man game into the palm of your hands

You want to play the most popular game right on the palm of your hand? Here’s a Pocket Pac-Man Game —[SOURCE]—, a handheld Pac-Man video game designed to provide the perfect excitement of playing Pac-Man game without those bulky wired system.

This handheld Pac-Man game allows the owner to navigate mazes, escape and even gobble up pac-pellets, it even allows the owner to clyde without any problem because it uses control pads in four ways.

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The Pocket Pac-Man Game

The Pocket Pac-Man Game

Its 16-bit graphics are being displayed in full color without any problem straight into its included 2 ¾ screen display, it even comes with a volume control so users can easily adjust the different level of sound effects.

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The Pocket Pac-Man Game 1

The Pocket Pac-Man Game already comes with a headphone jack and has Pac-Man, Pac-Mania and Pac-Panic games already included. Just add 4 triple A batteries and you’re good to go. Measures only 6.5×1.5 inches in length and diameter and only weighs 7oz.

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