The Classic 20 Game Mini Arcade – a tabletop arcade with built-in popular video games of the 80s and 90s

You want to play Pac-Man? How about Battle City or other classic video games of the 1980s and 1990s? Here’s a classic 20 game mini arcade made by Bandai-Namco capable of providing arcade fanatics out there the excitement of playing almost all gamers play their favorite games right at the comfort of their very own home.

This mini arcade is not just enough when it comes to its size, style and color but at the same time unique because it only stands at 10 inches tall and has LCD screen where owners can see clearly all their favorite 20 games into this small yet powerful and fun to play with mini arcade.

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Classic 20 Game Mini Arcade

Classic 20 Game Mini Arcade

This classic mini arcade already comes with 2 speakers so kids can enjoy playing different arcade games complete with retro sound effects and because it is housed on a perfectly designed vintage style cabinet complete with vintage style artwork, having fun playing with the built-in games will be more exciting every time.

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Classic 20 Game Mini Arcade 1

The classic 20 game mini arcade already includes a detachable 4-way joystick, 4 action buttons, headphone jack and volume control and best of all, it is perfect for kids ages 13 years old gamers out there who wants to bring back the excitement of playing classic games at home. Weighs only 2.5lbs and only measures 10x7x6.5 inches in height, width and diameter.

You can buy the mini arcade for only $149.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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