The Child’s RC Snowplow – Your kids fully functional 1:18 scale remote-controlled snowplow

You want to teach your kids how to plow snow? Give them the Child’s RC Snowplow, a uniquely designed remote controlled snowplow that allows young operators to drive thru different pavements including those icy pathways.

Thanks to this fully functional RC partnered with sturdy threaded rubber and other important features including its unique shovel at the front of the Snowplow RC where it allows kids to move up and down in order to get rid of snow easily.

Child's RC Snowplow

The Child’s RC Snowplow

The included rear crane on the other hand to rotate up to 360 degrees so kids can also rescue toys and other kids stuff, a great way and perfect addition to provide kids hours of fun play any time.

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Child's RC Snowplow1

The Child’s RC Snowplow already comes with a working 2.4ghz remote control to allow young operators to move the plow left to right and even forward and backwards enough to clear snows on driveways, patio and more and best of all, kids can control the snowplow for up to 65 feet range without any problem. Weighs only 2.5lbs.

You can buy this fully functional remote-controlled snowplow for only $99.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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