The Cuddly Balance Bike – helps children develop strength, coordination, and confidence

You want to develop your kids strength, confidence and coordination? Give them the Cuddly Balance Bike, a lovable bike for kids who loves to have their very own plush unicorn or dinosaur for them to hug and at the same time help them develop confidence in riding a bike.

This lovable and hugable bike already includes a washable plush dinosaur or unicorn that uniquely fits over the bike’s robust steel frame just to make sure, kids will learn how to balance themselves without the help of some training wheels.

Cuddly Balance Bike

The Cuddly Balance Bike

Just like a scooter where kids push off and stop, this bike allows kids to use their feet to move forward, thanks to its low center of gravity, providing the perfect stability so kids can center their focus on building their confidence is now possible at home.

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Cuddly Balance Bike1

The Cuddly Balance Bike also features an adjustable handlebar complete with soft rubber grips while its included wheels are perfectly designed so it can absorb shocks perfect for that smoother and enjoyable ride every time and best of all, it has a front fork designed to provide safe steering any time. Weighs only 83/4lbs and is perfect for kids ages 2 to 4 years old.

You can buy the balance bike for only $99.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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