The Childs Personalized Sleeping Bag – Perfect for kids who are planning to have an overnight stay this Christmas season

The Childs Personalized Sleeping Bag [SOURCE] is perfect for campers or party goers who wants to have their very own sleeping bag for that easy to setup overnight slumbering anytime anywhere. Thanks to the sleeping bag’s customizable feature, adding identity by hand sewing the name of your kids is now possible.

This personalized sleeping bag is made using 50 percent cotton and 50 percent polyester cover while its inner lining is made with soft cotton flannel partnered with plump polyester padding to provide sleepyhead with some comfortable and warmth night sleep even while lying on floors.

The Childs Personalized Sleeping Bag

The Childs Personalized Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag already includes a travel pillow to provide a soft and comforting place for your kids head and best of all, this bag can be fully unzip to transform it into a personalized comforter.

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The Childs Personalized Sleeping Bag already includes a carrying bag and has different colors to choose from, perfect for kis ages 3 years old and above.

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