The 3D Illuminated Model Building Table – A construction table for kids that allows them to create illuminated masterpiece

The 3D Illuminated Model Building Table [SOURCE] is your kids perfect construction table simply because it allows them to make an illuminated masterpieces perfect for wannabe mason.

This kids construction table already includes a working surface that is compatible with other brick building sets plus it already includes up to 218 building blocks, 27 of them are illuminating and because this construction table already includes a container, storing and keeping them after play time is now easier, more fun and exciting.

The 3D Illuminated Model Building Table

The 3D Illuminated Model Building Table

This building table allows kids to build almost everything starting from a colorful flesh eating creature to a nice cityscape powered by LED, thanks to the included table that is comprised of 2 detachable boards partnered with low voltage conductive pegs, illuminating bricks and allowing kids to construct their own masterpiece is now possible.

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This 3D building table also includes a red button right on each building board designed to help young architect to easily turn the LED on and off or even choose to use the blinking pattern to add more entertainment to their constructed pieces and best of all, the table’s leg can be adjusted to different sizes to make playing time more fun and comfortable every time.

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