The Sound Emulating Junior Landscapers Tools – The complete landscaping tools set for kids

The Sound Emulating Junior Landscapers Tools [SOURCE] will keep young landscapers busy doing some yardwork simply because this landscaping set already includes all the necessary tools including realistic sounds and movements so kids will have some entertaining time at their very own backyard.

The Sound Emulating Junior Landscapers Tools

The Sound Emulating Junior Landscapers Tools

This landscaping tool set for kids allows them to start the included electric lawn mower by pulling the cord to generate the most famous mower sound partnered with a unique transparent compartment that allows young mower to display the blowing grass, thanks to the mower’s unique puffing of air, seeing grass clippings that circulates around every time the mower hits them will surely add some fun time every time.

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The Sound Emulating Junior Landscapers Tools 1

The children’s set of landscaping tools even includes a realistically molded leaf blower so kids can clean up the ground after cutting the grass, kids simply press a button to activate dozens of foam pellets right at the nozzle to simulate motion of course complete with whooshing sound.

The Sound Emulating Junior Landscapers Tools also includes an ear muffs and eye goggles and is perfect for kids ages 5 years old and above.

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