The Children’s Voice Changing Karaoke Machine – equipped with recording function and voice changing effects

The Children’s Voice Changing Karaoke Machine is perfect for kids what want to improve their singing skills simply because it comes equipped with different effects to make singing not just fun but at the same time interactive.

Perfect for wannabe pop stars, this voice changing karaoke for kids already comes with songs, voice effects and even recording function so kids can listen to their voices of course complete with sound effects.

Voice Changing Karaoke Machine

Voice Changing Karaoke Machine

The voice changing function on the other hand works simply by altering your kids vocals, including turning down the vocal tracks and other special effects in order to give them the voice they want just like their favorite singer.

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Voice Changing Karaoke Machine 1

The karaoke machine on the other hand already includes an easy to use control panel so kids can easily playback, adjust the effect, sound volume and more, it even allows them to detach the panel so they can easily bring the karaoke machine anywhere they want in order for them to have a perfect performances anytime anywhere, and best of all, it also comes with a disco ball, a perfect addition to provide them with some concert like performances anytime.

You can buy the voice changing karaoke machine for $79.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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