The Build And Learn ABC Talking Blocks – teaches kids about letters, numbers, shapes, animals and colors

The Build and Learn ABC Talking Blocks is your kids perfect teacher when it comes to teaching them about ABCs, letters, numbers and even animals, colors and shapes.

Thanks to this colorfully designed 61-piece block set, kids ages 3 years old and above can now start learning important lesson at home is now possible with the help of this talking blocks.

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Learn ABC Talking Blocks

Learn ABC Talking Blocks

This talking block set is unique because it comes with electronic cube partnered with interactive buttons so kids can easily learn letters, numbers and more complete with unique sound or phrase introduced to them in a learning and fun way.

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Learn ABC Talking Blocks 1

The included learning block can be interlock easily to come up with a nice building or even assembled a great looking house and best of all, the learning blocks already comes with different characters to add life to the talking blocks.

You can buy the ABC talking blocks for only $69.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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