The Sing Along iPad Microphone – An adjustable microphone stand with built-in dock designed for wannabe singers

The Sing Along iPad Microphone [SOURCE] is an adjustable mic stand packed with speakers and built-in dock to make it your kids own personal sound stage right at their very entertainment room.

With the Sing Along iPad Microphone, kids simply connect any of their favorite music player with headphone jack including their favorite iPad straight to the dock located at the top of the stand and of course use the included microphone so they can sing along with the music that is already saved in their music library.

The Sing Along iPad Microphone

The Sing Along iPad Microphone

This adjustable microphone stand with built-in dock and speaker works simply by transmitting the music straight to its powerful speakers located at the stand’s base, kids can even adjust volume or even balance and add some echo just to achieve a perfect sound.

The Sing Along iPad Microphone 1

Got some guitar or keyboard? How about connecting it to the sing along microphone stand so kids will enjoy not just singing but at the same time playing their favorite instruments? Go ahead and try it now.

The Sing Along iPad Microphone 2

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