The Backyard Dunk Tank – A 500-gallon dunk tank that imparts a carnival atmosphere to any backyard event

The Backyard Dunk Tank [SOURCE] is your perfect commercial-grade carnival ambiance specially if you are planning to have some backyard adventure this summer, thanks to its 500galloon tank capable of suspending subjects at 2 feet above the water, enough to make a nice water splash.

This dunk tank is made from sturdy polyethylene and is UV resistant partnered with high density polycarbonate seat capable of supporting willing subjects of up to 250lbs..

The Backyard Dunk Tank

The Backyard Dunk Tank

The tank is protected with vinyl steel cage, just enough to protect a sitter from those flying balls used to strike the target plus it even comes with a nicely made 55×90 inches 20oz canvas safeguard corrals uncontrolled passes.

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The Backyard Dunk Tank even includes a heavy duty wheels so owner’s can easily position the tank anywhere or simply move it for easy storage of course without worrying about a dedicated trailer and best of all, the tank window at the side will enable spectators to observe the response of the immersed before emerging to the surface.

Watch the dunk tank in action [HERE].